ABFRN offers an exclusive seal that can be displayed on its website/blog/social networks or channel to promote your work, be it online or offline.

This seal certifies the professional as a member of a serious, ethical and above all aiming at the orderly and safe growth of the profession. When exhibiting the brand, the photographer will be recognized by the market for being concerned with the improvement of his skills and the quality of his services.

Members will have at their fingertips several resources that enable them to develop their skills, talents and business in newborn photography, such as:

  • Online forum: it is a space for the exchange of information and doubts, guided and moderated by the founding members;
  • Partnerships with suppliers of props, software, equipment, schools, etc.;
  • Access to events such as lectures, courses and workshops with exclusive benefits

ABFRN will promote the meeting of parents who seek a specialized photographer through of a professionals search directory, and the publication of articles that disseminate the practice and profession.