Newborn Photography

It is a very popular photography style in the United States, England, Germany and Australia (it is still new in the Brazilian territory). The modality is destined only to photographers duly trained for this service.

The practice consists of a photo session in which the child is photographed in his first month of life, and the comfort and safety of the baby should be the priorities of the photographer. Rehearsals can be held in studios properly prepared to receive these small customers or in the family residence itself.

One of the characteristics of this type of essay is to photograph it in its first days of life. The registers are made without clothes or with proper accessories for newborns. It is also necessary that the baby is in deep sleep, to remain in poses and spend the tranquility of the moment in the images.

Photographers usually equip themselves with baskets, blankets, little caps, hats and bows. These accessories are part of the scenery of the images and need to be properly cleaned.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

It is a style that is becoming popular in Brazil now, and consists of photographing the newborn in their own environment and with their own clothes and accessories. As the name says, "lifestyle", the purpose of these essays is to capture the family moment, the bath, the baby in its cradle, in the mother's bed, etc.. Although it is more natural and spontaneous, it can also involve more elaborate poses, and also requires that the photographer be properly prepared to deal with the situation with all the necessary responsibility, always aiming at the comfort and safety of the baby.

Tips for parents: "What do I need to know?"

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