We recommend that you schedule a "Newborn" style photo session a few weeks before birth, as the period for recording images is very short. The ideal is the choice of a date between the fifth and 14th day of life, when babies are more malleable, have deep sleep and colic still do not affect the rest of the little ones.

On average, a rehearsal lasts between three and four hours, depending on the photographer and the baby's breaks to suck, change diapers, etc. We remind you that this is a unique experience and therefore the session should be held without haste, at the baby's pace.

On the day of the photos, the attention needs to be totally focused on the precious customer. It is important to take care of the silence and tranquility of the environment: newborns are extremely sensitive and capture signs of nervousness or anxiety, which can make them stressed and agitated.

"Lifestyle" style sessions, where the baby is not manipulated and does not need to be in deep sleep, can be performed up to approximately 3 months of age.

Tips for parents: "What do I need to know?"

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