One of the most important issues in newborn photography is the safety of the baby. Everything should always be done for the comfort and well-being of the child.

The room temperature should be between 26 and 30 degrees at the time of preparation for the session. This temperature needs to be maintained, varying according to whether the baby feels warm or cold.

The place, the baskets, accessories and equipment must be properly cleaned and the hands must be constantly cleaned with alcohol gel.

The baby should never be photographed if the professional has a health problem that is contagious. In this case, it is recommended that the session be rescheduled.

The most important point in relation to safety is the positions in which the child is placed. Styles change from professional to professional, there are countless poses and all are assisted, but some of them require special care. Many of the more elaborate poses are the result of a fusion of images. In these cases, the work consists of more than one image with software manipulation, in this case, Adobe Photoshop. See in the following example how some of these poses should be performed and require this knowledge of the professional who is performing it:



 Even with Lifestyle photos, it is important that the photographer knows the limitations and risks involved in each of the poses or situations he or she will photograph, as it is his or her responsibility to ensure the safety and comfort of the baby.

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